Wednesday, July 27, 2011

in te sperántium fortitúdo

The following is an historic western collect beseeching strength of the Lord:

Deus, in te sperántium fortitúdo, adésto propítius invocatiónibus nostris: et quia sine te nihil potest mortális infírmitas, praesta auxílium grátiae tuae: ut in exsequéndis mandátis tuis, et voluntáte tibi et actióne placeámus.

O God, the strength of those who put their trust in Thee, receive our prayers, and since without Thee weak man can do nothing, help us with Thy grace to keep Thy commandments and thus please Thee in will and in deed.

The collect for the First Sunday after Pentecost, replaced by that of Trinity Sunday, is used "during the following week, on days when there are no feasts of Saints."

(1962 Missal, 743)

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